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Sometimes the opposite of love is not hate, but depravity. In these twelve stories set in the Missouri Ozarks, New Orleans, and Mississippi, Steve Yates reveals lovers clawing back from precipices of destructiveness, obsessiveness, cruelty, vanity, or greed. They seek escape and yet find new barriers, realizing true love may not be at all what they imagined. Pioneers, limestone quarry owners, young German American Civil War survivors, bankers, sex toy catalog designers, highway engineers, Pakistani terrorists, attorneys, missile guidance masterminds, and furniture factory workers who can see the future populate these pieces.

In southwestern Oklahoma an intricate sense of community exists in the small neighborhoods of Comanche Tribal Housing like Madischie. From its streets comes a hell-bent young crew of Comanche, Arapahoe, and Kiowa toughs led by a young Comanche named Velroy.

They seek power within a subculture of organized crime, caught in the century-long transformation from the old Comanche Nation, "Lords of the Plains," to a modern-day casino-owning tribe. This is their story, told in a distinctive narrative poetry with its honed syntax, wild imagery, and a splash of high lyricism. A surprising and illuminating collection, The FSG Book of 20th-Century Italian Poetry invites the reader to examine the works of seventy-five Italian poets, in context and conversation with one another.

Edited by the poet and translator Geoffrey Brock, these poems have been beautifully rendered into English by some of our finest English-language poets, including Seamus Heaney, Robert Lowell, Ezra Pound, Paul Muldoon, and many exciting younger voices. In this fascinating collection, poet Jacob Shores-Arguello takes readers on an illuminating voyage through Ukrainian life. It's the perfect road trip for any fan of rich music, deep roots and real people. That's what makes Tupelo shine and you won't miss a glimmer in this travel book about one of America's best Southern getaways. Like Frost, Williams explores a primal darkness and isolation, using the constraints of blank verse and the sonnet to order the chaos of a difficult life and quiet what would otherwise be unmanageable feelings.

Ultimately, he shows us the frustration and clarity of vision that come when one physically and emotionally stays put. The poems of Into These Knots , Ashley Anna McHugh's debut collection, glance from heaven to earth, from earth to heaven, interrogating and elucidating in elegant and supercharged speech ultimate questions and intimate foibles. With equal parts intelligence and passion, Ms. McHugh can quarrel with scripture or riff on the amorous pleadings of Andrew Marvell or the stark musings of Baudelaire.

In "Cairns," a brilliant sequence that plays with the boundaries of the sonnet, mountain hikes in rural West Virginia trace, among other things, the difficult pathways to the divine. Times Book Review critics' choice , and Dying Light.

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Ellen Gilchrist has published many books of fiction, two books of poetry, and a book of essays. Her Collected Stories was published in the fall of Her many honors include the National Book Award for Fiction. Laurie Colwin was one. Ellen Gilchrist is another. Hooray for Nora Jane!

It is a sparkling and witty account of one woman's belated coming-of-age. With infinite patience and luminous particularity, Davis McCombs unearths the traces of those-who-have-gone-before-us through the material world. His poems have the weight of psalms. On the same day that Roy Cady is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he senses that his boss, a dangerous loan-sharking bar-owner, wants him dead.

Which it is. Yet what the would-be killers do to Roy Cady is not the same as what he does to them, which is to say that after a smoking spasm of violence, they are mostly dead and he is mostly alive. University of Arkansas J. Toggle navigation Fulbright College Menu.

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Peace Through Education. Menu Humanities Department of English. Department of English. Creative Writing Dawn in the Ozarks. Creative Writing Campus in the fall. Creative Writing Workshop with Ellen Gilchrist. Creative Writing W. Creative Writing Students on campus. Creative Writing Prof. Profiles Joshua Idaszak: Graduate, Fiction.

Corrie Williamson: Graduate, Poetry. Our Lady of the Flood Alison Pelegrin MFA Poetry Alum "This collection vibrates with candor and concern—forging a kinetic blaze into an emotional and physical terrain newly devastated by hurricane.

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Bardo or Not Bardo J. Post-Exoticism in 10 Lessons, Lesson 11 J. Every Father's Daughter Margaret McMullan, editor MFA Fiction Alum What is it about the relationship between fathers and daughters that provokes so much exquisite tenderness, satisfying communion, longing for more, idealization from both ends, followed often if not inevitably by disappointment, hurt, and the need to understand and forgive, or to finger the guilt of not understanding and loving enough?

Voices Bright Flags Geoffrey Brock Professor, Poetry and Translation Voices Bright Flags is a series of experiments in what is sometimes called public poetry, where the author's relationship with his country provides the main theme. Dispensations Randolph Thomas MFA Alum Dispensations pitches teens and adults with drug and alcohol problems against aging and ill-prepared parents. Revising the Storm Geffrey Davis Assistant Professor, Poetry This debut collection by Geffrey Davis burrows under the surface of gender, addiction, recovery, clumsy love, bitterness, and faith.

The Tulip-Flame Chloe Honum MFA Poetry Alum Chloe Honum's brilliant first book The Tulip-Flame traces an identity forming within radically divergent but interlocking systems: a family traumatized by the mother's suicide, a failed relationship, the practice of ballet, a garden— each strict, exacting. The Greatest Show Michael Downs MFA Fiction Alum "Though each story stands alone in scope and power, the larger portrait of a community bound and propelled by fate—specifically, a catastrophic circus fire—is a stellar, magical achievement. The Realm of Last Chances Steve Yarbrough MFA Fiction Alum In a captivating departure from the Deep South setting of his previous fiction, Steve Yarbrough now gives us a richly nuanced portrait of a marriage being reinvented in a small town in the Northeast, in his most surprising and compelling novel yet.

Love, Tupelo Jane V. Galveston Nic Pizzolatto MFA Fiction Alum On the same day that Roy Cady is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he senses that his boss, a dangerous loan-sharking bar-owner, wants him dead. Phone: Fax: E-mail: mfa uark. Fulbright College social media feeds.

Instagram Twitter Facebook You Tube. Two new Ph. BMI Fellows are admitted each year, in alternating genres. Our current admissions schedule is to admit students for entering classes as follows: Literary Nonfiction — , ; Fiction — , ; Poetry — , Applications for a genre not in the admissions rotation will be returned. All Ph. The Ph. Requirements for admission include an earned M.

Past Ph. For more information about the Ph.

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Founded by M. Abkenar, and others too numerous to list. See the Black Mountain Institute's website for more information. The Emerging Writers Series features writers just emerging on the literary scene. Writers who visit and read for this series are chosen entirely by the students in the M. To apply you will need to submit the first chapter of an original novel. Discover more scholarships to study abroad. Related categories: scholarships. Written by Sabrina Collier.

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mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad
mfa creative writing study abroad Mfa creative writing study abroad

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