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We can never see two people of exactly same personality. It never changes and decided the quality of a person. I am taking the example of me. I am so special in this world and have unique personality than others. I am very responsible and sympathetic person. I always help others and try my best to solve their problems. I am self-centred woman have not have any enemy in this world. I always talk to others very happily with smiling face. I am a very simple student in my school and attend each class.

I do my homework very well on daily basis and study well every day in the night till 10 pm and in the morning from 4 am. I always pay attention to my study and motivate my friends as well to focus on their study. My name is Archana Mishra but generally called by everyone as Gudia. I am 12 years old, read in class 7 th standard.

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I am a second child of my parents and have an elder brother. I have a joint family in which my uncle, grandparents and cousins in the same big house. We love each other very much and closely related to grandparents. I have a group of friends however Sina is my best and true friend.

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I can share anything to her and she too. We read in the same school but in different sections. I like very much to tell jokes to my friends while being in the bus after school time.

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I have a unique family. All the members of my family are broad and open minded. They always promote me to do well in every field. They never pull me back instead motivate. I am very happy to get birth in this family. My family is cross-cultural extended family where my uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, etc live together. I have great time with my family because we celebrate each festival together. I help other kids in family in doing their home works daily. My name is Queen but have a nick name called as Sara. My parents and grandparents generally call me by my nick name. My parents are very conscious to my health.

They wake me up daily in the morning at 5 am and tell me to do all the daily routines. My mom gives me an apple a day in the daily morning and a healthy breakfast after one hour. I go to school at right time through school bus.

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I never get late. My school starts at 8 am in the morning and ends at 2 pm in the afternoon. My mom gives me healthy fruits for fruit break and healthy lunch for lunch break.

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  • I read in 8 th standard in the school, Ch. Chhabil Dass Junior Public School. Also, during the New Year holidays, we travel to see the snowfall and beauty of winter.

    My life is all around my parents and my country. I love both things. Also see: My Hobby Essay. There is nothing useless in this world. All the things have some purpose. Even the stones and nonliving creatures have some meaning. Humans are the best creation, and everyone is exclusive. My name is [your name here] with an age of fourteen years. I am studying in 9th grade in city high school.

    We are two brothers. My father is a government employee, and my other is a school teacher. So, I belong to a middle-class family.

    There is a strong connection between us. Like all parents, my parents are very caring. I think they are the best parents in the world. I also love my parents, but my love is minor than their beneficence.

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    My elder is in 12th standard. He is also very loving. My routine is like every other student of my age. I get up early in the morning go for a morning walk with my brother.

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    Then I go to school. After coming from school, I take rest and learn my lesson. At night I watch T. V and play some games.

    I am considered an outstanding student in my school. From kindergarten to 9th grade I am standing first in my class. At the result day, when I score the first position, I saw my parents faces filled with happiness which makes me very pleased. I also participate in co-curricular activities. At one occasion, I stood first in debating in an inter-school competition.

    I am a good speaker. Along with this, I also love sports.

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