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Irish resistance growing in the background during the invasion of Ireland by the British. Hi, Here's a quick and general comment. If you want to do A level work, you need to use capital letters and correct punctuation. If you don't, it will make your writing hard to understand and the reader will just assume that it's not worth reading. Can you revise your paragraph and repost it? Best wishes, Clive.

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Themes and Colors Key. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Translations , which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. The following evening, it is raining outside as Sarah and Owen sit in the schoolroom—Sarah with a book in her lap and Owen with his map. Both are distracted and look towards the stairs.

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Manus attempts to tie his bag of clothes shut but everything spills out instead. With Manus close to tears, Owen runs to get him a different bag. Sarah attempts to speak to Manus but he ignores her. The presence of rain contrasts with the summer heat present in Acts One and Two and reflects the darkened tone of the play from this moment on. Active Themes.

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Language, Culture, and Identity. Manus asks if Owen will be around a while longer, and he instructs Owen to tell those in Inis Meadhon—where he has been hired to start a new hedge school—that he still wants the job but will be gone for three or four months. As such, Owen encourages Manus to wait a few days, asserting that Yolland who it becomes clear at this point has gone missing probably just went to visit one of the islands or got drunk and the search party will find him soon enough.

It gradually becomes clear to the audience that Yolland has mysteriously disappeared and that Manus is leaving Baile Beag for a period of time to avoid being implicated. Owen recognizes that his leaving could of course have the opposite effect.

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The Limits of Language. Manus reveals that he had planned to violently confront Yolland the night before and was holding a rock in his hand when he saw Yolland standing on the side of the road smiling with Maire. Manus has spoken in Irish in front of the British soldiers throughout the play as a means to assert his identity and resist colonialism. It is the ultimate insult in this moment, then, that his final attempt at rebellion is completely misunderstood by Yolland; Manus seems to recognize that he has lost not only Maire, but also the fight against British oppression.


All Translation Is Interpretation. Related Quotes with Explanations. Manus again asks Owen to give his message to Inis Meadhon; Owen repeats that it will be suspicious if Manus leaves now, so Manus turns to Sarah , who says she will give the message for him. Manus says he is going to Mayo, and leaves Owen detailed instructions for helping Hugh get by without him.

Owen asks about Maire and offers Manus money, but Manus ignores both gestures. Sarah recites her name and where she lives, then begins to softly cry. Manus lacks the kindness, hopefulness, and enthusiasm he displayed towards Sarah in the beginning of the play. His language here, though nearly an exact repetition of his words in Act One, now reveals his sense of defeat and despair.

Download it! Owen asks Sarah if there is class tonight and where Hugh is. She mimes rocking a baby, but Owen does not understand the gesture. Bridget and Doalty enter loudly and say that fifty more soldiers have arrived and are looking around extremely closely.

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Sarah makes the same gesture she made for Manus in Act One—here, however, she is saying that Hugh is at a wake rather than a christening. This again reflects the notion that language is dependent upon its context. Thermopylae refers to the famous battle in which three hundred Spartans ultimately faced off against the Persian Empire.

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  • Owen asks Bridget and Doalty if they saw Yolland and Maire leave the dance together. They confirm that they did, but that they did not see them return.

    Brian Friel’s Translations explores the power of language

    Bridget says she did not see Manus following them but saw him returning alone later. Bridget insists she knows nothing about Yolland and that Owen should ask the Donnelly twins. Owen asks about the Donnellys, insisting Yolland is his friend and he wants to know what happened, but Doalty is evasive. Colonialism and Cultural Imperialism. Maire enters carrying her milk can, clearly in distress. She asks if Owen has heard anything. Maire insists Yolland would not just leave, and as such that something must have happened to him.

    She says she must go to the wake and leaves. Doalty agrees with Owen that Manus was a fool to leave and that the army will be after him. Lancey enters and tells Owen he will address the class, each member of which must then pass on what he says. After that they will evict residents and destroy their houses. Owen uses their Irish names as he relays the information to the others. Lancey has abandoned any attempts to portray the presence of British soldiers as beneficial to the Irish.

    Instead, he asserts the might of the British colonizer. The fact that he scolds Owen reveals that Lancey sees Owen as an Irishman and not an equal, regardless of how much work Owen did for the British. Lancey points at Sarah and shouts at her to tell him her name. She tries frantically but cannot, so Owen answers for her. Owen tends to Sarah , insisting she was only frightened and her speech will come back. Sarah emphatically shakes her head and leaves.

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