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Confiscation or fine. Alcohol checking points and barriers to enter the Pier and beach area Costs: Salaries to patrolling policemen, fuel cost of bringing cars.

Effectiveness: I. Low effectiveness. Some effectiveness; poor efficiency: policemen tend to be stationary and gather in clusters instead of dispersing and patrolling the area properly. Most areas of the park are overlooked and incidents happened as close as 50 metres away from chatting policemen. Christchurch and Commercial roads rarely have patrolling officers. Main patrolling happens between and After that there is still significant amount of people on the street, but very few or no policemen. Combination of patrolling officers and checking barriers make Pier Square almost alcohol-free area from to Bags are checked and officers patrol the area.

However, it does not prevent people from using the Zig-Zag serpentine to come down to the beach and from there towards the pier with undetected alcohol, as there are no checking barriers on the beach. It would probably be not feasible to make such thorough control.

Geography coursework: Evaluation

Leave several officers patrol the park and CBD for longer. Stricter control of and punishment for alcohol consumption and antisocial behaviour. Grade Overall Grade: 3,5 out of 5 — moderate to good management II. Pressure reduced.

There is enough space for all passengers. Information: informational signs and posters Costs: Installing bins and signs; monitoring costs Effectiveness: Effective. Occasionally cyclists still ride on the promenade during busy hours, but no serious problems were spotted. Area with high concentration of people is illuminated properly, preventing stampede and other problems. From October to February occupancy falls, Christmas and New Year being the only anomaly due to people having winter holidays. Monthly revenues of Bournemouth businesses correlate to the inflow of tourists in Bournemouth with summer months and pre-Christmas being the periods, when people spend most.

However, in the summer, the trend is clear. Therefore tourists contribute to the economy of Bournemouth in terms of revenues. However, in July and August unemployment actually increased, suggesting lack of correlation between tourist inflow and unemployment. This may be explained by economic recession, which was progressing in summer , as confirmed by increasing nationwide unemployment rate in the UK. There may also be a time-lag in Unemployment data that is based on claimant count and thus distort the data.

Conclusion: Bournemouth's coastal and urban environments offer a diverse variety of facilities for tourists. Their key areas of specialisation are leisure, education and recreation.

Evaluating conclusions - FSC Geography Fieldwork

Young and elderly constitute the majority of tourists in Bournemouth. Capacity and quality of facilities are generally satisfying with pressures and conflicts being managed by the Council to a high degree of success. Tourism clearly contributes to the economy of Bournemouth and the specialisation of Bournemouth's businesses reflects the importance of tourism to its economy. Bournemouth's coastal and urban environments are largely shaped by tourist demands. Different sampling techniques were used to avoid bias, but stratified questionnaires could have given more accurate data.

Wherever possible the data obtained from questionnaires were supplemented by observations, but in tourist origin and purpose of stay it was difficult to check the validity of data. Although all primary data were collected in summer , secondary data obtained was largely for , which makes comparison more difficult and relationship in data less obvious.

In particular, economic recession, which was still progressing in , but stopped by summer , affected data in graphs Data collected to answer question 5 were qualitative and observation-based, which may be distorted by subjectivity or limited perception, as for instance anti-social behavior count in Incidents Log on page It was difficult to judge at what point the behavior became anti-social. Judging the effectiveness of the management techniques was limited to immediate short-term effects. In the long-term the consequences might be significantly differing.

Finally, what is considered a successful management may not necessarily mean that tourists are satisfied with it as well, as different sides may have contrasting interests. The study could have been improved by adding more quantitative data, which would avoid subjectivity of both the observer and respondents. Increased usage of secondary data, such as Home Office reports might have provided solid comparison. Data collection over a longer period of time might have given a better picture on the long-term development and effectiveness of management techniques as well as provide data, less affected by anomalous years.

Samuel — for providing monthly revenue data. All participants of questionnaires, who answered questions, providing data for the field-work. Related Papers. Artificial surf reefs: A preliminary assessment of the potential to enhance a coastal economy. By Lynda Rodwell. By Richard Tapper.

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The morphology of a coastal Cretan municipality. By Ross Dowling. By Pavit Tansakul. By Dr. Miguel Moital. Download pdf. Essays largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Gcse Geography Coursework site a level geography 1. D desk research papers writing fellowships. W much. Agiarism Report. Title and Reference. Pothesis 1 The. EE Delivery. Ing the gcse geography coursework conclusion earlier one at first, eventually, finally, first ly , in the week before.

EE Outline. Is blog is for Mr Chambers' Geography Group. Edexcel b gcse geography coursework thesis statement on twilight.

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X , PDF File. These parts will be done before we go out on the fieldtrip. EE Revisions. This section in your files you should put the following notes: Background theory to counterurbanisation. In the Preface p geography gcse coursework titles. A Lecture Delivered at Oxford by a! Required painstaking, voluminous calculations in calculus.

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