Public school vs private school persuasive essay

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Often, this is the major reason children are sent to private schools. Proper funding is also an issue that has raised many questions. Some believe that the government should provide for private schools because the parents of the children pay taxes just like everyone else. On the other hand, many believe that because parents pay for their children's schooling, those ins Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper.

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More Essays:. In MegaEssays. Which is to deny the right of some people to set up a business or in many cases a charity that charges a fee for services—in this case, a high quality education. It means denying other adults the right to spend their money on such services.


It is not clear why they should lose the freedom to spend and consume as they see fit. Because they are being selfish? Failing in civic responsibility, is the state to take them over its knee? So why stop there? Private music teachers? Go whistle.

Benefits Of Private School Vs. Public School

Private language tutors? Au revoir. Private health-care? Join the waiting list.

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It does not speak to raising up the level of education to the best examples we have on offer. It does not offer us all more Etons. In fact, it serves to undermine our equality before the law. You do not have to believe that private schools are right and good to be opposed to calls for the state to ban them. That is, to dismantle private institutions and remove their freedom to choose which pupils to take. This is to attack fundamental freedoms of association, or not to associate which are based on the ability to discriminate: we will only take children who are Catholic or Muslim; or wealthy; or good at rugby; or, indeed, on their merit.

These are all legitimate criteria for a private institution. It is that ability to discriminate that makes private schools independent in a powerful sense. One of the good things about private schools is their independence from more than minimal state interference.

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They are normally free of Ofsted inspections, for example, one of the most destructive elements of contemporary education. They do not have to follow the national curriculum. They are free to educate as they see fit, they are free to exclude pupils as they see fit, they are free to reject worthless qualifications as they see fit.

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They are judged on their results by the market and trust me that—whatever the limitations and they are many—of the market, they are as nothing compared to those of Ofsted. The market at least reflects in some sense our social relations, and has more humanity in it than the mentality of government box-ticking. We should also be aware that banning private schools would tie in nicely into a lot of policy circle initiatives gaining influence at the moment.

As independent institutions, private schools, much like the Catholic Church, are a grave source of concern for those who monitor and graph inequality.

Essay Private Better than Public School

They appear as dinosaur bastions, unacceptably elitist throwbacks, who stubbornly insist on old-fashioned teaching instead of child-centered learning. They are seen as exclusive, discriminatory, hierarchical, and old-fashioned. But we are not made victims by not going to public school. Nor would the Chinese and Indian students who increasingly attend them be better off were they denied entry. To ban them would be to remove that possibility, that thing to aspire to, that itch to get in and raise yourself up to the level of those elites. I would have more sympathy with the argument if it were turned on its head.

Let us make state schools more independent.

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Fund them by all means, do stop them from discriminating on entrance, but let the state be hands off. Increase the numbers of teachers. Introduce a high-minded liberal knowledge-centred curriculum. Invade and abolish Ofsted. Equality of opportunity is not the same thing as equality of condition—having the same level of access to resources—and neither does it target privilege.

That those outcomes may represent inequalities is then justified as a reward for their talent. Thereby entrenching inequalities. Focusing in on the talent and potential of every child is both discriminatory against the privileged children and secondly narrows the definition of equality down to just being a reward for talent.

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There is a more important argument to be had about education today than trying to reignite a class war against the toffs. Both, however, represent the same set of assumptions so prevalent at the moment, which holds that deprived children are almost irretrievably damaged long before they reach primary school. It is, the implication is, the fault of their parents for not sufficiently aping middle-class behaviour. Not that they are financially deprived so much as they are emotionally deprived: their families are apparently short on cocoa, cuddles, and very hungry caterpillars at bedtime.

public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay
public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay
public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay
public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay
public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay
public school vs private school persuasive essay Public school vs private school persuasive essay

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