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Parvati Raghuram explains why she's uneasy at the media response to the bombings in Mumbai. The response to inequality and unfairness might be to take responsibility rather than feeling guilt, explains John Allen. In the wake of Oscar success, the film Slumdog Millionaire provokes questions of national identity.

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Issues about governance, intensification of social relationships, the impact of globalisation, and the way green spaces are utilised become ever more pressing concerns. The tracks on this album explore some of the challenges faced across the world as citizens and administrators adapt to ever increasing pressures on city spaces and resources. The material forms part of the course DD, Understanding Cities. The OU's Joe Smith does just that in this thought-provoking article.

Gillian Rose suggests a new approach to those who die in public. Joe Smith explains the need to move away from catastrophe narratives when discussing climate change, and looks for something more positive to inspire the public. Why do teachers get paid so much less than some other professionals? Is education in Northern Ireland a vehicle for social cohesion or for perpetuating community divisions? A very British institution - but one shaped by migrant labour. Meet the doctors who shaped the NHS.

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Environmental change affects us all, and the challenge of how human society can — and should — respond to environmental problems is likely to be one of the most pressing issues of the twenty-first century. The BA Hons Environmental Studies is an original and topical qualification that provides a lively and engaging treatment of a broad range of environmental issues.

It integrates the social sciences, technology and sciences to help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment. This certificate combines aspects of science, technology and social science to help you understand the environments in which we live and work; how our activities influence them; how they influence what we do; and how can we live sustainably within them.

This module aims to provide a foundation for studying local and regional history at an advanced level. You'll cover the key issues in the practice of local history within each of the four distinct 'nations' of the United Kingdom: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The module then explores six key local history themes - poverty, crime and policing, the family, urban history, religion and industrialisation. Underpinning all of this is the development of your research skills. You will be shown how to begin a research project and how to find relevant sources using the growing number of online historical databases.

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Anarchism, Anarchist Communism, and the State

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【The Bread Book】Peter Kropotkin (1892) - "The Conquest of Bread" Guatemalan Midtempo Mix

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Search for free courses, interactives, videos and more! Free Learning from The Open University. Featured content. Free courses. All content. Audio 10 mins. Kropotkin, anarchism and geography: A discussion Updated Monday 7th January By Eric Fidler on Flickr. So, Philip, who was Peter Kropotkin?

AM: Great. Well, thanks very much Philip for joining me today.

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He was revolutionary, but opposed the excesses of the Russian Revolution, looking to a future where individuals could work in voluntary groups to accomplish their en Peter Kropotkin was a member of the Russian aristocracy who became one of the leading theorists of anarchism. He was revolutionary, but opposed the excesses of the Russian Revolution, looking to a future where individuals could work in voluntary groups to accomplish their ends.

peter kropotkin essays Peter kropotkin essays
peter kropotkin essays Peter kropotkin essays
peter kropotkin essays Peter kropotkin essays
peter kropotkin essays Peter kropotkin essays
peter kropotkin essays Peter kropotkin essays

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