Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign

Antietam, Battle of

Gallagher is professor of history at the University of Virginia. A Season of Opportunity. Antietam: essays on the Maryland campaign Gary W.

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Gary W. Dennis E. Frye , Robert K. Krick , A. In conclusion, this Bloody Lane is a modern testament to the bravery of the Union and Confederate forces that fought here. Walking this stretch of road is a step back in history, and imagining what occurred here so long ago is worse than anything we could possibly imagine or conceive. The Bloody Lane proved to be the turning point in the Battle of Antietam, and it could have been the turning point of the war. It is difficult to think about the results of the war, and how many men might not have had to die if only General McClellan had played out his advantage and decimated Lee's troops here, instead of allowing them to fight another day Dew The Bloody Lane might have at least saved the blood of others, if McClellan had only taken the chance.

Despite over 23, casualties of the nearly , engaged, both armies stubbornly held their ground as the sun set on the devastated landscape. For example, despite his enormous losses, General Lee continued to prosecute the battle in an opportunistic fashion throughout the daylong battle in hopes of ultimately turning the tide.

The Maryland Campaign of 1862

In this regard, Jamieson advises that, "Even [after sustaining devastating losses], Lee conceded the initiative grudgingly and during the day-long battle he made division-sized counterattacks, exhausted all of his reserves, and looked for opportunities to seize the offensive. Battle of Little Round Top. Essentially little more than a last-ditch suicide run, Chamberlain's out-of-ammunition bayonet-charge captured a good portion of the Alabama brigade and turned the tide of attle of Gettysburg in favor of the Union.

It was the cry of men like Chamberlain to hold the line and orders like Vincent's, "Don't give an inch! Battle of Fredericksburg Is One. Still, urnside did not make use of his possibilities and therefore assumed the Confederate Army's position. Taking into account the limited visibility, the fog and the conditions in the area, mistakes were inevitable. Therefore, his decision not to take full advantage of his available resources also proved important for the outcome of the battle. Finally, another major element that contributed to the failure of the Fredericksburg campaign was the confusion of the orders given, especially by urnside.

Most often, they were rather ambiguous and could be easily interpreted. For instance, "urnside issued his attack orders early on the morning of December They called for an assault against Jackson's corps by Major General William. Sumner's Right Grand Division. Of Interior, Therefore, according to his orders, the attack…… [Read More].

I attaching information I researched. The Battle of Fort Sumter has a particular significance in the history of the United States because it represented the first battle of the Civil War, the bloodiest war in the history of the country. It marked the point in which the battle for the union of the United States, as we know it today, was started. The battle did not only represent a turning point in the history of the country but at the same time it established the grounds on which the issue of the secessionist states of the South would prove the point of breaking from the Union and the way in which Abraham Lincoln, the president at that time managed the situation.

The historical background behind the battle of the Fort Sumter is rather clear and focuses on the desire of the Southern states to break away…… [Read More]. Battle of Bristoe Station. In many respects, it confirmed assumptions made after the battle of Gettysburg that the leadership of the Army of Northern Virginia's officer corps was not infallible.

Matthew Haller Informative Speech on the Battle of Antietam

It is the principle battle of the ristoe campaign, one in which General Lee attempted to separate the Army of the Potomac from its supply lines and prevent the North from sending more troops to Georgia to make inroads into the Confederate interior. On October 14, A. Hill's corps stumbled on two Corps of the retreating Union army at ristoe Station and attacked without proper reconnaissance.

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In fact, his opponents were Union soldiers of the II Corps, that lay to his right. Major Features of the Civil War. American History The American Civil War The American Civil War was the war between the southern and northern regions of the country, wherein the main conflict that was contested were the continued practice and legalization of black slavery. As the war broke out, the two factions that were created for the war were the United States of America or Union and the Confederate States of America or the Confederacy.

The war had numerous battles in various areas of the country; the first was the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee In this battle, the Confederates carried an offensive attack against the Union forces, headed by General A. However, Johnston's death during battle halted the war, as the command of the forces was transferred to General Beauregard. This short period of ceasefire allowed the Union to effectively create a defense strategy, eventually driving out the Confederates to Mississippi. Another…… [Read More].

Winning the Civil War the American Civil. Approximately , young men died by the war's end either from wounds inflicted in battle or from infection and lack of sanitation in hospitals.


Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. It is believed that the Union won the war because the nation was reunified; however this assumption is based on the belief that there can ever be a winner in…… [Read More]. Robert E Lee. Robert E.

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Lee was a significant figure in history and his actions impacted history in many ways. Lee is considered to be among other things, a great solider. He was also an ideal strategist and his decisions did lead to implications that can be seen today. Perhaps the most significant of his actions was choosing to support the Confederates.

For example, had he decided to side with the North, the Civil ar might have lasted less than a year. In addition, Lee's actions had a ripple effect on the Emancipation Proclamation as well as the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. His life is a constant reminder of how individuals can shape history. Lee was born on January 19, in Virginia. Lee wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and serve in the military and due to financial reasons, ended up joining est Point in There he proved…… [Read More].

U S History Ordeal by Fire. Instead of continuing the campaign, where he had an advantage, McClellan demanded reinforcements, and the campaign missed a golden opportunity to take the capital. McClellan blamed the mishap on the inability of Union troops to join him on the peninsula to aid in the attack, because they were engaged in the Battle of the Shenandoah Valley in the west, but many doubt this, feeling McClellan was simply afraid to attack.

General Johnston's attack could have wiped out at least half the Union forces on one side of the river, but the attack was complicated and confusing, poorly executed, and the Union forces repelled the ebels. The battle also brought about the command of obert E. Lee, who replaced Johnston who was wounded during the battle. This would give the South…… [Read More]. Even "Porter Alexander, Lee's ordnance chief and one of the most perceptive contemporary observers of Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia, called his decision to stand at Antietam 'the greatest military blunder that Gen.

Lee ever made'" Owens Historians are divided as to the real purpose behind the Maryland campaign, which seems like an "isolated maneuver, another manifestation of Lee's innate aggressiveness as a commander. Some have gone so far as to suggest that Lee's forays into Union territory were undertaken primarily to maintain his claim on scarce Confederate resources that might have been used to greater strategic purpose in the est" Owens Thus, even if Lee acted unwisely, he was clearly 'in control,'…… [Read More].

Do you think the problems that resulted from creating these territories could have been prevented?

If so, how? If not, why not? The problems that resulted from the creation of the Kansas and Nebraska territories could not have been prevented because by , the nation was already divided by the slavery question and tensions were high. There was more at stake than merely the question of whether or not blacks should be free and in fact for most people, on either side of the debate, personal and business interests were what really mattered, not the morality of making slaves out of fellow human beings.

As the United States expanded westward, controversy swirled as citizens debated whether new territories should be…… [Read More].

James Longstreet. James Longstreet, January 9, -- January 2, , was one of the foremost generals of the American Civil ar, who later enjoyed a successful post-war career working as a diplomat and administrator for the government of his former enemies. Longstreet was born in Edgefield District, South Carolina, grew up in Augusta, Georgia, and at the age of twelve, his father died and the family moved to Somerville, Alabama. In , he was appointed to the United States Military Academy by the state of Alabama, and graduated from est Point in , just in time to serve with distinction in the Mexican ar and rise to the rank of major.

In June , he resigned from the U. Army to join with the Confederacy during the Civil ar. Already highly regarded as an officer, Longstreet was immediately appointed as a brigadier general in the Confederate Army, and after fighting at…… [Read More]. Leaderships in the Two Films the Patriot and Glory. The writer focuses on the leadership qualities in each film. The writer then explores the differences and similarities between the two especially when it comes to leadership. There were six sources used to complete this paper. Most movie goers will agree that the silver screen productions that they go to view have a theme.

The theme may be obvious and blatant, or the theme can be nothing more than an undertone that runs through the storyline. The themes are not always evidenced immediately, but are savored only after one has been able to enjoy the film and digest its more obvious elements and truths.

antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign
Antietam essays on the 1862 maryland campaign

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