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It analyzes the results through the framework of the Recognition-Primed Decision model, which asserts that in rapidly evolving, time-limited incidents, individuals make decisions based on prior experiences. This thesis hypothesizes that officers are primed to use force rather than de-escalation options due to an overemphasis on force during training sessions.

The survey results showed an 8. It recommends that police trainers strive to achieve parity in training hours dedicated to force and de-escalation topics.


It also recommends that scenario-based training be emphasized to provide experiences to draw upon, and that the scenarios mirror real-world probabilities. Positioning Theory, Crisis Intervention Team principles, and de-escalation strategies of other countries are also examined for methods that could be implemented to reduce the occurrences of inappropriate use of force by police officers. Description Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Collections 1.

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Thesis and Dissertation Collection, all items. Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject. This thesis examines multiple theories for why law enforcement officers misuse force. It explores decision-making theory that has been used to describe how officers make rapid decisions under stress.

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Biases can affect an Monterey California. Naval Postgraduate School , ;. These dimensions are service orientation, valor, perseverance, and professionalism, and justice, devotion to duty, loyalty, discipline, morality, honesty, and humility. By service orientation, the public rates high trust 4. Note that the public underscores service orientation of the police if they can provide a kind service even to those posing as arrogant. It is remaining composed even being shouted upon or given harsh response by the community.

Borrowing concepts from psychology, the Service Orientation Inventory SOI focuses on maintaining good relations than on competencies on tasks Hogan, Simply said, the police act of service is to maintain order in the community, they are in fact called on to restore community order. To this degree, any escalation of tension resulting from the confrontation between the police and the subject of response may not sit well with the community.

After all, the members of the community know each other. After a police response, the community remains to be neighbors. Table 4 presents the humility dimensions of trust on the police. Note that humility construct of trust is associated with money. For any display of ostentatious wealth and power never sits well with the public, they in fact mistrust any police doing that.

Though high trust on this item 4. In fact, the study reveals that this is one thing that they cannot trust the police with: police not receiving money from private individuals 3. The perception that the police cannot resist monetary offers reduces the cost of committing crimes.

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The criminals will be emboldened, crimes are committed, and chaos is prevalent even in the known presence of police. If there are police who displays wealth and asset in their neighborhood more than they are supposed to receive, while at the same time public experience crime. The professionalism of the police is associated with their demonstrable acts of working on tasks according to prescribed rules and never asking for any support for them to respond to calls for assistance. It is the behavior of acting right and acting right away.

It cannot be professionalism if police response is delayed no one will ever be considered as professional police if at times when asked for assistance, would excuse oneself due to lack of support or logistics. However, this is a concern of adequacy of resources which is a universal truth. The police need to respond and be deployed, and even intrude highly uncertain places and events but have to assure the public that they remain consistent and truthful to rules and protocols.

On this, the police need to process communication process to exercise quasi-judicial functions on peace control, crime prevention, and mitigation; all these needing deployments requiring time and space Manning, The police response, as a matter of professionalism, needs to meet public satisfaction, and in fact, an on-time police response influences public satisfaction Percy, The public trust in police is also measured through perseverance.

This dimension of trust received a high rating 4. The situation made them objectify their emotions caused them to depersonalize the situations, and push them to create a condition when they have to split their loyalty and their morality. At the instance this happens, the community increases rust on the police by creating an atmosphere to support lower officers. Yet, a more potent force to ensure persevering commitment of the police is the fortification of the police culture which begins at the early stage of recruitment Drummond, The culture must solidly be founded upon on morality, and any deviance to norms of morality must be punished heavily.

Meantime, the public maintains high trust on the devotion to duty of the police 4. Details are found in table 7.

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One thing that is strikingly evident in the result is the implementation without fear which signifies professionalism and in the belief on the righteousness of the public on their police, however, the bravery context is far more extended by the belief that the police themselves obey the very law that they implement. In context, the valor of the police is not associated with them going to war, arresting worst criminals in the thick of the jungles or the darkest nook of the urban squatters.

The valor refers to the assurance that the police can police their ranks.

Police Trust Measure in Philippines

And if somebody of their ranks commits crimes, they implement the law without fear of retribution nor fear of the officer's wrath. The Davao Region Police receives high trust because they are perceived to implement laws not only among the ordinary citizens but even from among their ranks. It is assurance that there is the rule of law. Table 9 presents the trust rating of the public on the morality of the police.

The public observes the respect for women of the police, and the community maintains high trust when they see police personnel spending time in church or in a place of worship. However, the public does not trust their police as having no involvement with illegal gambling. The theoretical lens of the perception is explained by the works of Herbert , The term "morality" is commonly pronounced in the parlance that takes different strokes in the police work.

Dissertation/Thesis Abstract

In fact, moral regulation is a coextension of state formation, of creating a moral order, hence, deeply entangled with legality Herbert, It appears, therefore, that the police arise from the moral suasions of society, but takes on the lethargic yet creative function in ensuring that order is assured. On this also lies one feature that may limit the impression, a strong masculinism in the policing activity deters community cooperation.

Masculinism in community policing refers to the active role sin chasing bad guys, aggressive patrols aimed at arrests of felonies and robbers, but all forgetting the importance of passive acts which Herbert suggested as attending a neighborhood meeting. Hence, the high command of the police must be able to ensure that the police are not into illegal gambling on the one hand, while at the same time show interests in the activities of their neighborhood, not as a police chasing felons, but individuals who are also deeply interested with the events happening in their community.

The demonstrable behavior of the police that they can associate with justice is respect for the rights of individuals which earned high trust, and the professional act of their duties and that the police duties are in conformance with justice.

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  8. The last two receiving high trust from the public. If these are combined, they form the trust on justice dimension which earned the police high trust, as presented in table Note that the public seeks first the professional conduct of the police, a manifest of fairness and impartiality. Anything that is deviant is an injustice, and therefore, affects the distributive nature of justice, or for any matter, retributive justice.

    Table 11 presents the impression of loyalty of the police as perceived by the public. The police earned high trust 4.

    The public maintains very high trust on this. Though, when it comes to upholding public interest over personal ones, the police fall a little notch lower at a high trust level 4.

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    Theoretically, the firming and forming of values in the profession of the police whereby the police are expected to manifest a mode of conduct for a desired end-state Ellwanger, , and perhaps the act of making the society a better place to live is a business that the police must do. Table 12 presents the dimension of trust by the honesty of the police. The honesty is much understood by the public as marital fidelity. This trust dimension received a high rating though, but comparably the lowest among other trust dimensions. The impression on fidelity to a lawful-spouse took the badger on trust 3.

    This impression comes out to be disturbing at a glance and needing some theoretical substance to explain. Humphrey explained that an extra marital affair creates a hurricane of emotions that brings in devastating blows to family, work associates, and to members of the society. Imagine police burdened with too much emotional stress due to a wrecking family doing patrol and chasing felons, their emotions are largely unstable and may act beyond protocols set by their profession. The seismic effect of a behavioral change may cause damage in the impression of the public.

    Very alarmingly, a study of Walter reveals that the police intervention who can relate to a domestic dispute precipitates the incident as the police themselves reveal their emotions and feelings which exacerbate the conflict. On the whole, trust remain to be high 4.

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