Stanford gsb essays 2009

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I am currently in Third Year B. E Computer Engineering. If I go for my MS directly after engineering, will it affect my job opportunities later? I have done one technical internship and i plan to do another before applying for MEM. Is this much work experience enough? I am 34 and currently working with one of the Big 4 firms. Tax Compliance. I have following questions — 1. Given my age, does it make sense to take a career break to pursue second MBA I am at a juncture where I am doing pretty well in my current job although I have just rejoined after maternity leave.

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I have done my CA 3year articleship from Deloitte. After that I moved on in operations department. Now i am a assistant manager in operations with 8 years of Experience overall. Want to have a Master degree or a management degree for further growth, what will be more convenient for me as per better prospects. Gaurav: MS is usually ideal for those with years of experience only.

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Neha: From an RoI perspective, if you go for the top league programs, it is likely to be worth it. Ideally, it would be better for you to pursue MBA at this stage. Your email address will not be published. Categories MBA Admissions. Tags Stanford. Hire us to improve your chances of getting into the top international universities.

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Email: info [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com. MG can help you get into the top B-schools. Read more about this top MBA admissions consultant.

January 19, at am. Gaurav says:. January 26, at pm. NS says:. January 28, at pm.

Neha says:. January 30, at pm.

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Rohit says:. February 25, at pm. I tried to be as consistent as possible with the story I was communicating to the admissions and interviewer. The change, in broad lines, was about the quality of life in Africa, and how tech, investment and business, we can elevate the quality of life for our people. By raising capital from global investors, and attracting expertise in technology, I intend to build an investment firm that would ultimately contribute to the quality of life in our continent.

I am trying to optimize for a few factors:. I am looking at the careers that sound interesting for me. I need to know that through my abilities and networks my goal is attainable. Obviously, funding an MBA is a big investment. More often than not, some level of debt will be involved.

Accordingly, we might need to ensure that our post-MBA goals will enable us to honour our debt obligations. I think the common pattern in these projects was a spirit of service to my community. This Stanford MBA essay is about diving deep into what motivates you, and why. Topics can range from personal history to big picture visions of the future. However, this essay should not be explicitly career related and the strongest essays are likely not career oriented at all.

However, it is likely that some of your themes will continue in the next essay, which may focus more on your career. For example, you may have a personal passion that also has led you into a related career aspiration.

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Character should shine through, and introspection and honesty should persist through the entire set of essays. To generate ideas, try brainstorming over a period of a few days. Ask friends and family what values they see you demonstrating in your life and choices. Keep a notebook by your bed so you can record your first thoughts upon waking up. Review your personal history for ideas. When you look back at your life what do you admire and regret about your choices?

Are there moments in your life that have led to a change in direction? Who has impacted your choices? These are the kind of questions to ask yourself as you brainstorm topics for this essay. It can be tough to write such an open-ended and challenging essay, and using vivid and specific examples will help you focus.

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These examples will provide the reader with images and stories to understand your perspective. After reading hundreds of essays, the ones that have descriptive stories in them stand out the most. Keep in mind as you select examples that Stanford GSB specifically advises focusing on people and experiences that have influenced you, rather than accomplishments or achievements. Along with vivid examples, talk about how you felt, thought and reacted both at the time and as you reflected later.

Tuesday Tips: Stanford MBA Essay Tips for 12222-2020

After you have explained who you are, you will explain why your next step is a Stanford MBA. If you are applying to both the MBA and MSx, make sure you can highlight the advantages of both programs for your specific situation. You might have significant work experience but also see the benefits of attending a two-year program to achieve your goals. Therefore, you could be interested in either option. Stanford GSB wants to know your aspirations will be uniquely satisfied by the program at Stanford.

Thorough school research will help you determine what aspects of the academic program, community and students are crucial to your aspirations. Be as specific as possible in your response to provide evidence that you have done your research. Consider everything about the aspects of the program that most appeal to you. Have you met current students and alumni? Who are the professors you are excited about? What are the unique programs?

stanford gsb essays 2009 Stanford gsb essays 2009
stanford gsb essays 2009 Stanford gsb essays 2009
stanford gsb essays 2009 Stanford gsb essays 2009
stanford gsb essays 2009 Stanford gsb essays 2009
stanford gsb essays 2009 Stanford gsb essays 2009

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