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Freddy is obsessed with Eliza and is reported to have been creeping on Eliza every night under her windows.

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Freddy serves as the person that Elisa would marry in order to build the dramatic irony of the play. A fool, as commented by Higgins, Freddy is truly incompetent. He is a perfect example of how the upper classmen would have a difficult time adjusting to being a lower class when the family suffers economic hardships. Doolittle is a lower class scoundrel.

Doolittle immediately thinks that his daughter has decided on a path of prostitution. Uncaring and selfish, he sells Eliza for only 5 pounds. Unembarrassed by his actions and behaviors, Mr. Doolittle is happy about his being a rogue on the street.

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However, when Mr. Doolittle becomes a richly endowed lecture to a moral reform society, he immediately becomes miserable with his obligation and expectations from the others. Yet, this consideration forgets one important thing — that the converse may also be true.

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Unlike Higgins, does Pickering simply lack a passion for his art? Unlike Freddy, is Pickering incapable of romance?

Pygmalion Theme

Unlike Doolittle, has Pickering lost his sense of reality? In fact, Pickering is far from a shimmering beacon of gentlemanly greatness. Despite his agreeable personality, Pickering has his own fair share of flaws.

The Themes of Pygmalion, by Bernard Shaw

By themselves, these flaws are not enough to disqualify Pickering from gentleman status. What is troubling, however, is the apparent lack of growth and development in his character. It is important to remember that Pickering himself says nothing of considerable importance in the play. The book Pygmalion illsturates this point by the speech and nature of the two main charaters, Mr. Higgins and Eliza.

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Pygmalion's satirical viewpoint of social classes is played through the slow movement of Eliza from a simple flower girl to a woman of class and stature. The speech and word choice in Pygmalion play a large role in the plot movement of the play. When Eliza goes to Mr.

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  5. Higgins for speech lessons, he regards her as a common begger or a person of a lower social class because of her speech and word choice. Pearce: Don't cry, you silly girl.

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