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Millennials are the most likely to order pizza and I will target them the most. Considering millennials have the extra money for a small increase in the cost of the pizza, they will most likely be the majority of the market. People who make upward of k per year are less likely to buy pizza, but if they would, they would most likely deliver it with a drone.

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People who have a salary of 50kk or families are the most likely to buy pizza and get it delivered with a drone since they buy pizza the most and have some extra income. Geographically people who live in the suburbs would most likely get a pizza delivered since it is far to get some pizza, but not too much.

People with a college degree would most likely buy a drone delivered pizza because they have the most disposable income. Most customers care about how fast the pizza arrives to them. Using drones will cut down the delivery time because they do not have to follow the roads, they can just fly over everything instead.

Another thing that customers care about is how their pizza arrives. When you see a drone flying above your head with your pizza, you enjoy that experience. The benefit of the drone is you get your pizza faster, and delivered in a more interesting manner. Most people who buy pizza have enough money to pay extra considering they did not buy off the dollar menu at McDonalds.

There are currently very little direct competitors in this market.

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In the long run, there will be several direct competitors as different major companies make drones also. However when there will be direct competitors, Dominoes will already be synonymous with pizza drone delivery. It will be more difficult for different companies to penetrate the market which I already have dominance in. The main indirect competitor would be a pizza driver. Although the daily price of a drone is cheaper than a person driving, the initial cost is significantly different making it expensive to start with, but cheaper in the long run.

In addition, when there is rain or strong winds, the drone may not be able to fly to well, but since rain is rare in Arizona, this will not be a major problem. Drivers also can carry more pizzas at the same time, but they only get a certain amount of orders in an hour, limiting this strength. In the short run, it will very difficult to start the drone program. There is a high initial cost and not very easy to repair.

Pizza drivers are cheaper, but they are often not as efficient and more expensive in the long run. When direct competitors will enter the market I will already have a large market share in the market making it difficult for them to compete with dominos. Pizza drivers for other companies will go down in popularity, as millennials will favor the more high tech option.

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While most drones currently operate on battery power, the pizza drone will operate on hydrogen. This is make electrolyzing water making hydrogen gas. While the drone is flying, the hydrogen is combined with oxygen in the air and creates water and electricity. This method can let a drone to fly for two hours and go for much father distances. The drone itself will have four propellers and be much larger than a regular drone.

It will have winches attached to the pizza boxes to lower them to the people. It will have cameras on each side o monitor where it going and making sure it does not crash into anything. It will have a receiver on the top that signals to the dominos where it is and whither it has delivered the pizza. I will not be selling these recreationally, so I will only be using these commercially. Research and development will be a small factor simply because he technology already exists we just need to edit it to our needs.

It will be most likely make up of a sturdy metal like steel, and painted white. It will most likely not be needed to repair but if it does crash, you can replace some of the parts making it functional quickly. To land I will either ask to print out a barcode and put it on a flat surface, or show the drone he barcode to your phone. I will promote this on the internet. I will advertise on YouTube ads, and other contemporary places on the internet. The commercials will be less focused on the pizza, and instead be focused on spreading the word. On the dominoes website there will be a new section devoted to drones.

If people want, they can order the pizza to their house as easy as it normally is. I will also advertise on news articles further spreading the word and making people want to order pizzas like this.

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My partner, dominos, will sell the drone service directly from their website. I would be making the drones and receiving money for each drone. Although dominoes would figuratively own me it would be a symbiotic relationship with both of us benefiting each other. While I would start my partnership with dominos, eventually I would branch out to different sectors of the market. The customers would be only buying the services, so I would not need a physical location or a website. The organization I am trying to make is very similar to a subsection to dominoes, but we will technically be our own company.

We will research and develop a singular drone, which will be made for dominos. We will both develop on each other, as I need the money and they need he drones. We will sign a contract of exclusivity, and not branch out u until later. Our daily functions will consist of shipping drones to various dominoes around the country and make sure everything runs smoothly. We will also have a subsection, which will deal with salvaging or repair drones that were damaged.

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Another smaller part of our company which sells a machines which electrolyzes water forming hydrogen as which the drone can use. I will go into talks with dominos on whether they are interested in Kris Industry and detail the details of our arrangement. This will go on for a month until a contract can be made that we can both agree upon. From here, I will develop a drone, which can lift up multiple pizzas, and software that could fly the drone by itself.

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This will take two months because we will have a lot of people working on it and all of the technology already exists, we just need to apply it. From there we will find out how to mass-produce it in china. In another month, we will already have prototypes in America ready to take flight. From there we will figure out how many sores want to implement this and start sending out drones.

When two thousand dominos receive drones and are operational, we will start the program. Prior to this, we will be advertising the pizza drone. Two weeks from the companies requesting drones, we will start a nationwide opening of the program all on the same day. When my exclusivity contract expires, I can go into other fast food sectors making new and improved drones. The management team will be run with me at is head, but having some managers, which control the individual parts of the company.

The managers will organize their part of the company, but all major decisions will be run through me. We will have managers on advertisement, drone repair, research and development, and the hydrolysis system. The people will have to be leaders, and have knowledge of what they are controlling. At the beginning, the advertisement team will be nonexistent, but as the company gets more profit it will start making some commercials to educate the people. This will be lead by a millennials that knows the newest thing the millennials are doing like having a face book or an Instagram page.

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    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion
    pizza essay conclusion Pizza essay conclusion

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