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As the native assistant for the French House, you are Additionally, since the How to be a successful third year. Heart Failure Resident Responsibilities The heart failure resident. Request Form for the Release of Patient Records. Monitoring Student Learning. RA Job Description Callback Log. Rental Rates pdf format.

RA Selection for Academic Year 2020-2021

As many girls do, they started to talk about each other behind their backs and they both knew the other was talking behind their back. Maddy saw that Danielle had said some things about her and said she was annoyed with her, which escalated the problem even more. Later that night when Maddy saw Danielle at the club she told her that she saw what Danielle had said about her and the two started to verbally fight.

Danielle was extremely mad that Maddy had gone through her laptop without her permission. Their friends then broke the two up and they both separately left the club. Once Danielle got home Maddy called her and started to fight with her again. The night ended and the two avoided each other as much as possible. About a week passed without much conflict but the awkward tension was extremely high between the two. The next Saturday night Maddy came back to her room very intoxicated and started saying nasty things about Danielle without realizing that Danielle was in the room next door and could hear everything she was saying.

Danielle then decided to confront Maddy and the two started screaming at each other, which then escalated into Maddy punching Danielle and starting a full on fist fight that resulted in blood.

The fight got broken up and the police were called. The police came and resolved the situation and did not allow that the two be in the room together and the next day Maddy was removed from the room and moved into a different dormitory.

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Residence Hall Coordinators are on call twenty-four-seven in case any emergency situations occur. She was the responsible for facilitating a room change for Maddy. Residence Hall Coordinators often have to listen to and deal with issues like the example above as well as many other issues between roommates that many not be as severe. She oversees the daily operations of Summit Hall on the downtown campus. This is her fifth year as a Residence Hall Coordinator.

Before that she was an Undergraduate Resident Assistant for two years and a Graduate Residents Assistant for one year. She chose to become a Residence Hall Coordinator during her year as a Graduate Resident Assistant when her supervisor suggested the position to her. She enjoys the job but says there are many difficult aspects that come along with the position. Her favorite part of the job is being able to work with her staff and residents and watch them grow and develop into professionals.

Heidi says that the hardest part of the position is when there are a lot of issues going on with residents and having to deal with them on a day to day basis. She says it breaks her heart when she sees a resident going through a hard time and knowing that there is only so much she is able to do to help them.

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The part she dislikes most about the job is being on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Her day to day activities and responsibilities include checking up on conduct infractions, fining for those conduct infractions, meeting with Resident Assistants, planning programs and residential activities and meeting with students.

She also holds positions on many different boards and committees outside of the residence hall. She is currently working on Resident Assistant training for the school year, where she will be interviewing, selecting and then training the Resident Assistants for next year. She goes through a three week training every summer with qualifies her to hold her position.

She had a student who had gotten very intoxicated and came back to the residence hall. She was at the front desk talking to another Resident Assistant and saw that the student had come in and was noticeably intoxicated. They noticed that he was trying to swipe into the residence hall using his passport instead of his student ID. She asked him to sit down as a precaution because she was concerned about him. He then ran away from her and the other Resident Assistant and started to run upstairs. Heidi was his Resident Assistant so she knew where he lived and had a feeling he was going to try to go to his room.

She then followed him upstairs, with the other Resident Assistant and sure enough found him in the hallway trying to key into his room using his passport again: it was not working out well for him. His roommate finally opened the door and Heidi went and talked to the roommate and explained that she thought he was okay but that he was just very intoxicated. She made sure that it was okay with the roommate that the intoxicated student stayed in the room and made sure the roommate was okay with looking after him.

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The roommate was an older student that had just finished basic training, so Heidi said she felt okay leaving the intoxicated student there. He went inside his room and she explained to his roommate that he would probably get documented for not listening and being disruptive.

As soon as she walked down the hall, Heidi and the other Resident Assistant heard a loud banging noise that sounded like someone had been thrown across the room. So she ran down back to the room and keyed into it without even knocking in order to see what was going on. The roommate had the intoxicated student pinned against the wall with his arm around his neck. At that point Heidi then had her co-Resident Assistant call because she believed the situation had gotten out of hand. She came to find out that what had happened was the drunken student had touched his girlfriend inappropriately.

She said he then ran out of the room and down the hallway faster than she had ever seen anyone run before. She started to run after him and heard the alarm to the side door go off because it was past pm so she knew he had left the building through that door. Her and the other Resident Assistant then followed him outside only to find that he had disappeared. They knew he was very intoxicated and would eventually decide to come back into the building so they went back inside and waited. She said not even ten minutes later he walked back in, again trying to swipe in with his passport.

She walked up to the door and let him in and asked if he was okay and if he needed any help.

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She said he had vomit all over his forehead and leaves in his hair, down his shirt and all over his body as if he had he just tumbled down a hill while he was outside. At that point she had no idea what to do and while trying to decide the best course of action the intoxicated student got up and ran right back out of the building.

Shortly there after she saw the University Police Department pull up and catch the student right in front of towers. They then went out to talk to the police and her Residence Hall Coordinator started to talk to the intoxicated student. Being a Residence Hall Coordinator is in no way an easy position to hold. They have many difficult tasks to deal with on a day to day basis as well as being on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

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resident assistant application essay Resident assistant application essay
resident assistant application essay Resident assistant application essay
resident assistant application essay Resident assistant application essay
resident assistant application essay Resident assistant application essay
resident assistant application essay Resident assistant application essay

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