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When writing your essay on communication and culture, try following these simple instructions: You should know something about the nature of culture and how communication is used within culture. This will show how the two are related. While doing this research, you may come across some sub-topics you can use, such as intercultural communication, skills, theory, children and culture, etc.

You will be presenting an argument. It should make a particular point, answer a question, and make the reader form a strong opinion.

Interpersonal Communication In Culture And Language Cultural Studies Essay

Many teachers will recommend you compare, contrast, analyse, discuss and evaluate. When planning your essay, you must first make a schedule and devote adequate time to all the steps in writing and finishing your paper. All the research you do in this next stage should be looking for important points that will contribute to the purpose of the paper as well as engage the reader.

Look for current developments and theories in your field. What is currently being debated? Cover some interesting points. I think another good example is that there are in fact many different religions in the world. As a result communication must be at least one of the most important parts when it comes to what we believe as a culture.

If it was not so as a consequence there only should be one religion. People are sharing their thoughts, experiences and who knows maybe even enlightenments.

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Because it was not the case that every community shared the same beliefs, different religions arose. These different religions are influencing our daily lives and are a big part of every culture. Maybe this example makes it even more clear how important communication for a culture is and vice versa. We can see that religion is depending on what is being shared between people and carried from one generation to another.

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He spent a few months in Belgium to study. When he first visited the university in Belgium he saw two girls kissing to say hello. A few minutes later there were more girls and even boys kissing each other.

The Dutchman did not know what to do and how to react on what he saw. He even got a little bit scared because he thought they would soon start to kiss him either but it did not happen because they realized how scared he was.

E.T. Hall’s Statement ‘communication is culture and culture is communication’

This first example shows some kind of rite which is a part of the Belgian culture. Such rites can be extremely different from country to country. What seems scary to us can be totally normal to someone else. The special fact about this story is that it shows cultural differences by a way of communication. So we see how complex the whole interdependence can be.

It is a part of the Belgian culture to kiss each other even if they may not have such a close relationship as we would expect it for example in Germany. Looking at this example the statement of Edward T.

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Hall also seems to be true. We would not realize some sort of "cultural character" without the communication of its characteristics. If Belgians would kiss each other only when being unobserved the Dutchman maybe never knew that it is a part of their culture. Broom, Cambridge University Press, Hofstede, Intercultural Press, Tobias Schiller Author.

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    Creating An Essay On Communication & Culture: 8 Tricks

    Introduction and Definition The statement: "communication is culture and culture is communication" by Edward Twitchell Hall tries to sum up what culture and communication means and even, how these words are connected with each other. Hall called "Understanding cultural differences" we find the following quote: "Culture can be likened to a giant, extraordinary complex, subtle computer. Let us take a look at the other important term for our discussion: "[ Language Now, I would like to give an example to show on the one hand that communication and culture are quite the same and on the other hand are lost without each other.

    We can search definitions for the term culture wherever we want to: " Definition of culture [ Religion "There are very many statements of what particular religions are, an example being that of Sykes , p.

    Communication and Culture
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
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    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay
    communication and culture essay Communication and culture essay

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