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2. A 2009 AP English Literature Prompt:

Does she reflect the image of femininity or masculinity?

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How and Why? What is she trying to teach to her husband? Does she represent independence and authority? What kind of authority? How does she do that?

What would support your assertion? Since Macbeth murders Duncan as suggested by Lady Macbeth and the witches, do you think that the feminine power is inherently poisonous?

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If it is, explain how. What does her behavior suggest? What does it tell you about the extent of feminine power?

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Is she feminine or masculine? What part or parts of the monologue support the idea of the feminine or the idea of the masculine? Explain it. Is it fear or the troublesome thought to become king suggested by the witches? Explain your interpretation. Is this a sign of femininity? If it is, why? What does patriarchy expect from a man? What is the patriarchal concept of manliness? How does Macbeth conform or does not conform to the patriarchal idea of masculinity? What is the idea of the masculine hero? What is different in Macbeth and why? Does fear diminish power? What does he have to do to become a true man?

Is revenge a necessary attribute to manliness? What does it mean to be a real man? What is a masculine reaction to death? What is the feminine reaction or response to death? How does Shakespeare represent masculinity in this tragedy? Does Shakespeare try to challenge the patriarchal concept? If he does, how does he challenge the societal expectations for masculinity? If he does not, explain why and how. Teaching Plan: Sophomore and Junior Students This group of students is quite different from the AP students and it includes students who have special needs, have difficulty with reading comprehension, and have weak motivation.

The teacher will then ask them to answer the following questions: What are the societal expectations for a man? What are the societal expectations for a woman? Can you suggest the reason or reasons for these societal expectations? Do these societal expectations for gender reflect your vision of masculinity and femininity?

The teacher will reread the specific scenes in class before prompting them with the following questions depending on the specific learning needs of this group the teacher will lead the conversation with simple to more complex questions : Who are the witches? What are your initial thoughts? Are these human beings? If they are, what makes them human? If they are not, what do they represent?

What do you think their gender is? According to our previous discussion of gender and how society views gender, what do the witches represent? Masculinity or femininity?

Macbeth Thesis Statements and Important Quotes

Explain your choice. What knowledge do the witches share with Macbeth? Does it make a difference? Does Macbeth need to learn anything? If he needs knowledge or emotional strength, does this need identify him as less masculine?

Students conclude this scene with two or more pages of refections in response to this prompt: We have read, researched, and discussed the role and gender of the witches. You have also written your modern version of this scene and we have also discussed at the beginning of the unit about the societal expectations for a man and for a woman. Reread all your notes, Act 1, Scene 1, Act 1, scene 3, and Act 3, Scene 5, and the responses of the person you have interviewed. Also, consider why Shakespeare has introduced the witches. What did he want to prove or say about masculinity and femininity?

What gender has more power over the other one? Does Shakespeare challenge the patriarchal concepts of gender? If he does, explain why and how. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth Due to the particular composition of this group of students, the approach to the analysis of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth is completely different in order to maintain interest and motivation.

The students will create four scenes: A dialogue between wife and husband about a promotion he has just received. A dialogue always between wife and husband in which she expects and fantasizes about an even higher promotion for her husband. The husband monologue s in which he expresses his fears, hesitation, and insecurity. In the same monologue s , the husband conveys his deep ambition for more success.

A dialogue between husband and wife in which she mocks him for his fears and indecision and pushes him to do something that makes him very uncomfortable. For this final task, the teacher suggests the following prompts: What are the main differences that you notice between expectations of female and male conduct? Is there a Shakespearean idea of masculinity and femininity or can one only speak of particular characters challenging or accepting societal constructs? Does Lady Macbeth or your modern version represent a threat to the man? Do you think that Macduff is testing Malcolm?

If he is, is he testing him from an unambiguous standpoint?

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Explain and support your answer with specific textual references. What is similar or different and why? How does Shakespeare present masculinity or male identity in Malcolm? What is different from your belief of masculinity? How is Shakespeare challenging gender identity? Select ten to fifteen phrases from the scene or excerpt of scene that the students will read as homework or in class and will analyze if the activity takes place in class, divide the students in groups and assign different phrases from the same scene or excerpt of the scene to each group Give them ten minutes to discuss what they think the phrases refer to.

Analysis or Close Reading Strategy This teaching strategy is appropriate for AP students but it may be used with students who do not struggle with reading comprehension. Read the assigned scene or excerpt of the scene Annotate it the teacher decides the purpose of the annotation; the students may be expected to annotate for diction, or figurative language, or syntax, or theme Write a brief summary just two or three sentences Read the scene or the excerpt a second time and add other annotations for the specific literary techniques that the teacher suggests Discuss the various interpretations as a class and take notes of the different views Write two or more pages analysis of how the author uses the indicated literary technique to convey meaning, or characterize a specific character, or theme.

Head: intellectual side of the character. What philosophy does the character share? Hands: the practical side of the character. What conflicts does he or she deal with? Heart: the emotional side.

ap macbeth essay prompt Ap macbeth essay prompt
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ap macbeth essay prompt Ap macbeth essay prompt
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ap macbeth essay prompt Ap macbeth essay prompt
ap macbeth essay prompt Ap macbeth essay prompt
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ap macbeth essay prompt Ap macbeth essay prompt

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