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Another topic of discussion will be what I feel social workers need to know when working with my ethnic group. I will touch on Biases within the culture against other cultures and define one personal bias of my own. I will close my literature review with reflecting on what I have learned. Instead the borders crossed them.

Spanish speaking people have lived in Northern provinces since the Spaniards colonized Mexico in the sixteenth century.

They have always played an important role in the Continents culture and history. Mexico won its Independence from Spain in A policy initiated by Spain that allowed Americans to settle in their regions, in effort to populate was continued by the Mexican government King, However it backfired when Texas declared Independence from Mexico. Mexico felt betrayed by the Americans because they took advantage of their kindness and took over the state in Skidmore, This angered Mexicans and Native Americans and caused disputes. President Polk was eager and did not stop until he confiscated large areas of land and sought war.

Polk felt a war with Mexico would only prove profitable for the United States, so he enticed the Mexicans to attack. Of all the possible explanations for these problems, territorial expansion is the number one reason. The idea of Manifest Destiny split American politics more than any other factor up to the eighteen fifties.

The signing of the treaty ended the territorial disputes that caused conflict between the countries. Mexicans were pronounced to be U. S Citizens and the treaty promised citizenship along with civil and property rights. They were encouraged by the economic, social, and political movements of the Mexican Revolutionary years and the rise in industrial and agricultural employment in the United States. When the U. S joined World War II fear of shortage in agricultural field grew and we turned to Mexico for help through the Bracero Program, which allowed migrant Mexicans to temporarily work in U.

S farms Figueroa, The Bracero program brought over 5 million farm workers to work the fields of the United States. Underprivileged Mexicans fled their rural communities and traveled north to work as braceros. It was mainly by the Mexican hand that America became the most upmarket agricultural center in the world. Their arrival altered the social and economic environments of many border towns. Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso, Texas, became a hotbed of recruitment and a main gathering point for the agricultural labor force Bickerton, Increase in Hispanics from Between and the Hispanic population increased by They accounted for about three quarters of the In , Mexican Americans experience with Prejudice and discrimination Mexican Americans have been victims of discrimination throughout the history of the United States.

A few degrading words that people use when referring to Mexicans are; Wetback, Spic, and Beaner, whether American or not.

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They also have many stereotypes against them such as lazy, machismos, drunks and many more. One of the main reasons they are discriminated against is because of their illegal immigration into the United States. Mexicans were left no choice but to cross illegally to seek a better life, because of the cost and many obstacles it made it difficult to become a citizen.

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Often they were forced to work physically demanding jobs for less pay due to non-citizens or lack of options, or because they wanted badly to be part of the U. S and saw themselves to be best off here even if wages were cheaper than back at home.

The Space In-Between: Essays on Latin American Culture

Companies did not make the situation better they took advantage of their need for jobs and employed them with poor working conditions and minimum wage because they knew they had no other choice. While working to ensure economic stability, leaders of Mexican communities supported the education of workers and the development of civic and community institutions like the Mexican Civic Committee.

Political community activists fought for Benito Juarez High school and founded many organizations. What Social Workers need to know working with Mexican Americans Mexicans accounted for about three quarters of the As these numbers increase there is a greater need for social work education to provide culturally sensitive training to social work students.

Social Workers need to understand and know the different origins of Mexican cultures to not get them mixed up. Social workers need to set aside all biases when working with Mexican Americans or any other cultures for that matter.

The Space In-Between: Essays on Latin American Culture

Mexicans do not want to be judged on their color or looks. As a social worker we need to understand the discrimination they are faced with and know what their beliefs are. Have knowledge on immigration and migration discusses how to assess for levels of acculturation; examine cultural values; and explore prejudice work issues if any.

Biases against other groups A cultural bias I can think of is marrying or dating someone of a different race as you. Mexican Americans are very proud of where they came from and often want to keep wedlock in the same race. They feel by dating out of your race you are ashamed of who you are and consider it a disgrace. Mexican Americans want to keep the Mexican culture alive and growing, by missing with other the races we are losing some of our culture traditions. Due to the missing of races we are seeing more English speaking people than Spanish.

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It is very sad that today the majority of people raised in a Mexican, Hispanic or any other type of Mexican origin are not able to speak Spanish. Bilingual speakers are a must now days and if you cannot speak Spanish your chances of finding a good job are slim. My personal bias A personal bias of my own is people who speak Spanish and do not teach their children because they feel that this is the United States and everyone should speak Spanish.

No review, I believe, can truly capture the disciplinary scope and intellectual boldness present in Romance with America. With that in mind I will discuss a number of different points from several essays present in the volume that I, at a personal level, find particularly appealing. In his sights are individuals such as F.

Writing back in , Fluck was essentially part of a vanguard of scholars challenging the associated discourses of American exceptionalism, which at that time had been a fixture of the field since its inception in the s up through to the s. But even as disciplinary focus became more varied American exceptionalism continued to function as the pivot. He argues that while America is not exceptional that does not preclude it from being unique. Along those lines, it still makes a lot of sense for the discipline to address and react to these multifarious discourses of American exceptionalism.

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Whether through revisionism or deconstruction, scholars have sought to redefine the direction in which American Studies should be heading usually by critiquing the traditional schools of thought. Transnationalism represents the most recent intervention in the field.

This discursive persistence is apparent elsewhere as Fluck exhibits. In one example he refers to an academic dean of a well-known institution who, in calling for a revival of and return to American ideals that have been hijacked by the neo-conservative agenda, falls victim to a form of idealization of the assumed ideals of America.

After examining the various discourses of the cultural imperialism paradigm, he then considers opposing theoretical arguments. Two points in particular stand out most in this essay. The first considers the appeal and successful diffusion of American popular culture.

Essay on Cultures of the United States and China

His second point has to do with what he calls cultural dehierarchization. This process is linked to larger social developments such as the arrival of modernity. Perhaps then it is the most complete consequence of modernity, thus explaining its global cultural appeal and attractiveness. I have not touched on many other points and discussions present in the volume such as his work on American painting and Edward Hopper or his work on visual culture and the photography of Edward S.

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His dynamic interventions in the field in American Studies are equally impressive and deserve recognition not only in Europe, but elsewhere, particularly on the other side of the Atlantic. Romance with America? Essays on Culture, Literature, and American Studies. Laura Bieger and Johannes Voelz. This text is under a Creative Commons license : Attribution-Noncommercial 2. European journal of American studies.

american culture essays American culture essays
american culture essays American culture essays
american culture essays American culture essays
american culture essays American culture essays
american culture essays American culture essays

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